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Are you intending to purchase a precious gift in the form of watch for your wife? Or are you yourself thinking of donning an exquisite feminine watch on your wrist? Well, if you are, I am certain you will place Tag Heur Women’s Aquaracer Diamond Accented Watch (model WAF141.BA0813) on the top of your list. The TAG Heur watches, as you yourself would have known, are in general outstanding! It has a reputation of producing watches that have innovative designs, technological excellence and on top of it all, never fails to provide precision, reliability and style. This Aquaracer ladies watch edition serves evoke the gentle and feminine side of ladies users.

I must admit that I myself was attracted to this watch’s elegant and feminine disposition. In truth, it is impossible not to be infatuated by this beautiful watch especially with its sparkling diamonds. Equipped with a 28-millimeter stainless steel case, the feminine side of this wrist watch is accentuated by the stationary diamond-adorned bezel. The numbers are similarly adorned with ten diamond hour makers which is the pink mother of pearl dial set. To your favour, these diamond stones sparkle perfectly under the light, making your watch inevitably stand out among the crowds. For your information,  this watch contains up to 45 Full Cut Diamonds (which amounts to 0.55 carat) and they are all guaranteed authentic by its ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.

 Complimenting this elegant presentation is a stainless steel band that features a reliable fold-over clasp. For those who adore the colour pink, well this is the perfect choice for you. For those who are slightly worried should the pink colour be overdone and hampers the exquisiteness of its beauty, you shall have no worries for I assure you that the pink face of this watch is truly subtle and almost white, enhancing the elegance of this watch as a whole. This watch is not merely a tool to inform you of the timing, but it is also a beautiful accessory for its ladies’ owners. With that being said, do not be mislead into thinking that the elegant disposition is the thing you can look forward to when wearing Tag Heur Women’s Aquaracer Diamond Watch. Like other editions and models of watches, this model is also highly efficient, assuring you precision and reliability in its primary purpose of informing you the time.

Despite its seemingly fragile look, you will both amazed and satisfied to know that this diamond watch is durable. The sapphire crystal that adorned the rims on the outside is scratch resistant. Thus, you will find yourself not pressed by worries of damaging this precious watch while donning it. Instead, you will be at your most comfort and this will in turn, accentuates the elegance of your wearing this timely piece. The material of this watch is stainless steel, thus accounting to its durability and longevity. Though I am certain you will ensure that this watch will not be ‘touched’ by water, you will still be heartened to note that this watch is equipped with water-resistant functions (of up to 300 metres).

In addition to its efficiency and elegance, you are also gifted with a three year warranty and a lifetime of battery replacement that makes it easy to re-service whenever you deemed necessary. As the saying goes ‘Diamond is a girl’s best friend’. The same saying goes for this timeless piece.

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