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Tag Heuer watches, needless say is one of the most recognised and sought-after watch brands in the world for its reputation of manufacturing innovative watches that are of high technological excellence. Aquaracer is a new edition of watches (with different categories) that is founded on accuracy that all sports water demand. Even when this is its primary purpose, Aquaracer watches is not merely for sports activities but could be donned for simple everyday wear. My review aims to discuss this specific model (WAF2111.BA0806) that fell under the category of ‘Aquaracer 2000 Automatic Mens Watch’.

Before I discuss this wrist watch fine outlook, I will first touch upon the astounding features this model (as well as other watches under this edition) possesses. One benefit of this category that makes it unique amongst others under Aquaracer is definitely its technological excellence. This wrist watch is able to function without battery, eliminating the hassle for you to replace the battery when it is faulty. This watch is also equipped with a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. Its rather futuristic disposition is complemented by the traditional workings of a high-quality automatic self-winding movement. Do not be misled by the mention of it being traditional for this movement is powered automatically when it detect your moving arm. All these features certainly inform you of the technological excellence this wrist watch is equipped with.

I must also touch upon its durability, which is a standard feature of all watches under Tag Heure, Aquaracer edition included. I must mention that Aquaracer watches cater primarily to water-based activities, thus not surprisingly, most of these durable functions is related to water’s effects. Most of its metallic materials are made of stainless steel, resisting corrosion even when in contact with water. The sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant, which effectively protects it against wear and tear both when you are out and in water. This watch is also water resistant up to a depth of 300 metres! With all these durable features, you can eliminate your worries of donning this timely piece even when you are involved in rigorous activities.

Durability and technological excellence aside, I feel that it is a must for me to mention this watch’s general outlook- the main thing that differentiates this model from other watches of the same edition, and especially of the same category. If you are someone who is simple and elegant, I strongly recommend you to wear this sleek watch. Even though it is brushed in one-toner silver, this watch still looks elegant on your wrist. The greyer silver dial is accompanied by a lighter shinier bezel that brings out the ‘face’ of this watch. This ‘face dial’ is attached to a polished steel case and bracelet and a deployment buckle. This mix and match of darker, lighter and greyer silver all serves to exude the elegant charm of this watch as well as its users.

All the above materials are guaranteed authentic with its certificate of warranty. You are gifted with a three year warranty and free bracelet sizing making the size of wrist not an issue. Durable, excellent and practical, it suits perfectly with the practical and elegant you.

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