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If you are an individual who emphasize quality & prefer to embrace that sporty outlook, then I strongly recommend you to wear Aquaracer Grander Date Mens Watch (model CAF101D.FT8011). This sporty outlook complements the foundation of the production of Aquaracer watches. This edition is founded to meet the demand of water sports demand. With this consideration watches manufactured in this edition (including this model) is water-friendly, durable and possesses excellence of precision. This is a watch I would wear.

As I have briefly list down its ergonomic features that hail it as a worth-buy, I will now discuss the outlook of this watch that makes it unique in comparison to other watches in this Aquaracer edition and especially its category ‘Grande Date Mens Watch’.  The dial of this watch or as I call it the ‘face’ presents us with an ingenious mixture of black, yellow and white. The hour and minute hand is white in coloured and outlined with bold black, making it stand out.  In this ‘face’ there are other three counters- a small second at 3 o’clock, minute at 9 o’clock and a ‘twin-hand’ semi-circular counter at 6 o’clock.  During 30 minutes, this semi-circular counter will work as a 1/10th of a second chronograph counter. The red side of the hand indicates 1/10th of a second from 05 to 10 on outer scale. All this ensures you the precision of timing as promised by Aquaracer watches. Accompanying this 3 semi-circular counters is a large date window at 12 o’clock that informs you duly of the date.

This face is companied at the rim by a unique dual bezel – a fixed aluminium ring in bold black and a unidirectional bezel in fine-brushed steel. This steel is again brushed with studs and minutes scale. On this silver bezel are engraved numerals with black varnish on the turning base. A black rubber strap is attached to this face and bezel. This bold black completely complements the striking yellow, toning it down a bit and providing a sporty sleek look. On this black strap, TAG HEUER logo is engraved boldly. This mix and match of striking yellow and dark black and the ‘complexities’ of designs with different counters truly evoke a charming sporty persona that this watch possesses.

I will now discuss its astounding features that are standard in all watches.  The hands and markers are luminescent and polished so as to ensure clear vision and readability even in the dark. The clasp is made of solid steel and even installed with safety push buttons so as to securely fasten this watch on your wrist. This eliminates any possibilities of loose wearing which is a problem especially underwater. This leads us to its water friendly features. This watch is water resistant to a depth of up to 300 metres! This is certainly an ideal wear for professional divers. In addition, there is a diving extension system specially to cater to professional divers. Aside from that this watch is also durable with its quality materials such as stainless steel and scratch resistant features in its embedded crystals.

Even though it aims to cater to people who are rigorously involved in water-based activities, it is still an ideal wear for everyday purposes. Sporty, elegant and durable- there is much to benefit from donning this exquisite piece. This is definitely a watch that every one would love.

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