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Aquaracer is an edition produced by Tag Heuer, founded on the demand of timing and precision in water-based sports. Under this edition (Aquaracer), there are several categories including Calibre S Chronograph watches. This aforementioned category “allows time to be read intuitively in a radically innovative, avant-garde fashion”, as cited from Tag Heuer official website. My review aims to discuss one of the watches under this category, model CAF7010.FT8011. 

Before I discussed the outstanding features of this watch, let me first highlight to you its outlook, the only thing perhaps which makes it different from the rest. The dial or as I call it ‘face’ of this wrist watch is brushed with an array of colours- silver, blue, yellow and mainly black. The case is done in fine-brushed steel with polished edges. This rounded ‘face’ is completed with a unique dual bezel, composed of fixed aluminium ring as well as a unidirectional turning bezel (made of steel) with polished studs and minute scale. The numerals on this bezel are engraved boldly in black giving an austere and majestic aura to the watch. Attached to this dial is a bracelet made of black rubber strap that protrude TAG Heuer logo and inscriptions as well as steel pin buckle. This mix and match of black and silver as well as bold numerals all evokes this majestic yet beautiful image of this watch as a whole- a perfect look you had like to wear on your wrist.

Now, I highlight to you its basic function. This watch is equipped with two modes- the “Hour” and the “Chrono”. In the hour mode, the semi-circular counters indicate the date. The first digit of the date is indicated on the left counter whereas the second digit is indicated at the right one. In “Chrono” mode on the other hand, the measurement is simpler with the left counter indicating the tenth-of-a-second precision and the right counter is the hundredth-of-a-second precision. In this mode, you can also measure simple and additional time. With different modes, you provided with the flexibility to move from one mode to another just by a simple push on the crown!

As I have touched on its superficial look and basic function, it is time I highlight its ‘inner beauty’ – its electro-mechanical features. The aforementioned term alludes to this watch ingenious mix of mechanical watch-making expertise as well as an outstanding precision. This precision is reflected clearly in its accurate timing. With no fewer than 230 mechanical components and five bi-directional engines, this Calibre S possessed unique functions worth noting. There is the intuitive chronograph legibility with a precision that accurately hit hundredth-to-a-second. Aside from this accurate timing, there is also a simple measurement, an additional time as well as split time. Accompanying these timing features is a retrograde date with a perpetual calendar to the year 2099.

Ti top it all, this timely piece is also durable with its withstanding features such as the standard water-resistant functions (of up to 300 metres!) as well as its scratch resistant features and stainless steel materials. Durable, techno-savvy and flexible, this watch will certainly be an endearment to you!  

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