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With a simple glance at this watch, the words ‘sporty’ and ‘sleek’ will immediately comes to your mind. Well, these are the words that came to mine as I set my first look at this elegant Tag Heuer Aquaracer Men watch, model WAJ2111.FT6015. Like other Aquaracer watches that are founded on the basis of providing accuracy that all water sports demand, this model is no different with its outstanding features that best suits it ‘water-sports’ friendly wrist watch. As it is automatic, the watch is equipped with a self-winding automatic cal.5 movement that is helpful when wearing.

Before I touched on its outstanding water-friendly features, I will first discuss this sporty sleek look I have just mentioned afore. The dial of this wrist watch is tinge in austere silver, which upon closer look are vertical lines of darker and lighter silver. This combination truly evokes the sleekness of this watch, especially when it is complemented with a unidirectional black bezel, at the rim of this watch’s face. Similar to the combination of colours in vertical lines, this bezel is also accentuated with bold silver numerals that accentuate the gallantry disposition of this watch.  This dial and ‘body’ of the watch is connected to a bold looking black rubber strap that evokes this sporty presentation of this watch. To sum up this mix and match of silver and black brings out the sportiness and elegance of this wrist watch.

This sportiness presentation truly lives up to its water-friendly features. Its luminescent hands and markers as well as its silver dial provides its users easy readability on land and even when you are in water, carrying out your water-based sports. Perhaps, the most amazing quality of this wrist watch is its water resistant function that can withstand water to a depth of up to 500 metres! This is a standard feature of all Aquaracer watches that falls under the category of ‘CAL.500M Mens’. This is 200 metres more than the standard Aquaracer’s watches- hailing it on the top of the list for those who are rigorously involved in water-sports activities. The rubber strap on the other hand fits perfectly to your wrist; hence you can ease your worry of loose watches when in water. The clasp of this watch is also worth noting with its fold-over-clasp-with double push button safety. This safety device is ingeniously installed so as to make secure your watch tightly to your wrist and eliminate the possibilities of your watch becoming loose upon wearing. All these ergonomic features make it a comfort to wear your watch daily for everyday activities and even water-based ones.

This watch is also durable with its scratch resistant sapphire that eliminate you the worry of damaging your watch subconsciously especially when you are underwater. Its case material which is stainless steel makes it successfully withstand the onslaught of rust. Furthermore, with its certificate of Authenticity, your watch is guaranteed authentic thus proving its susceptibility of being resistant and durable. 

Other plus points include the insurance of three year warranty as well as a manufacturer’s box (to help afe keep your watch when not using) and a manual (to help you operate the watch when unsure). These aforementioned accessories also make this watch a perfect give to your loved ones, especially those with a knack for sports activities. 

Sporty, durable and elegant, this watch is a must-buy for all sports lovers out there!

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