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Striking yet sporty- these is the thought that came to my mine as I first set my look on this Aquaracer Men’s Quartz watch, model WAF1120.BB0807. This image itself truly live up to the basis where the edition of Aquaracer watches is founded upon: to provides accuracy that all water sports demand. Designed based on the timeless 2000 series, this edition of watches under Aquaracer (this model included) are original and prestigious with the standard feature of water resistance. With that being said, do not be misled and presume that this watch is solely for wear during water sports activities. Wearing to water-based activities is certainly an advantage due to its withstanding features, but this watch is also ideal for everyday wear.

Before I discuss the outstanding features of this watch which I have briefly touch upon previously, I will highlight the unique outlook of this watch. The sporty dial of this watch is brushed in silver whitish background. The hands of this watch are polished in diamonds and facets. And, on the dial is as SuperLuminova coated marker at 12 o’clock. Accompanying this elegant ‘face’ is a unidirectional rotating 20-micron-gold-plated bezel; engraved with bold Arabic numerals. A brushed steel bracelet is attached to the face and bezel, complimenting the dual tone of gold and silver. Finishing this fine presentation is a stainless steel folding buckle. Likewise to the ‘face’, this buckle also utilise the dual tone by plating 20-micron of gold in the central link of this bracelet. The use of austere gold and shiny silver, this wrist watch exudes a manly and charming persona when you donned it on your wrist. 

It is a must for me to mention the thoughtful designs included in this watch especially for the comforts of its users. They include the luminescent hour markers and the luminescent materials aimed for optimum readability and radiance. This is ideal for reading your watch during the dark or when you are underwater. Other ergonomic features include the double safety clasp with solid stainless steel folding buckle. This extra safety clasp aims to fasten this wrist watch on your wrist and eliminate any possibilities of loose wearing that proves to be a predicament especially when you are in water. All these thoughtful designs will serve to provide you with ample convenience and ease when wearing this timely piece.

It is also worth noting that this watch is tough and durable. Its heavy use of stainless steel alleviates your worries of this watch rusting even when in frequent contact with moisture and water. The -sapphire crystal that adorns this watch is scratch-resistant thus it is not susceptible to damage even when accidentally in contact with rough materials. As aforementioned in the beginning, water resistant is a standard feature amongst Aquaracer watches including this model. It is able to resist water up to a depth of 300 metres! This is ideal for professional divers or others who are rigorously involved in water-based activities.

And all the above features, gold, crystal or silver are guaranteed authentic with its Certificate of Authenticity. You are also gifted with a three year warranty and free battery lifetime replacement.  Elegant, practical and durable, this watch is certainly a perfect piece for you to wear. 

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