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The brand Tag Heuer is definitely infamous for its reputation in manufacturing high-end watches. The edition of Aquaracer watches is founded on providing accuracy that all water sports demand. If you are an individual involved rigorously in water-based activities, I recommend you to consider Aquaracer watches. This review aims to promote you the benefits of Chronotimer Mens Watch, specifically the purchase of model CAF1101.BA0821. If your water-based activities are of a competitive nature, which requires you to time specific timing, then I believed this model suits you best.

Since I am recommending a specific kind of model, it is a must for me to touch on its design for the outlook of this model is what differentiate it from other watches that falls in this Chronotimer category. If you are a vibrant individual looking for a watch that gives you an edge, you will be delighted to know that this watch’s digital and analog dial is strikingly yellow. It is this bold colour that indefinitely makes this watch stands out amongst the crowd of men watches. Accompanying this striking ‘face’ is a silver and black coloured bezel. This bezel effectively tones down this glaring yellow, evoking an elegant persona of the watch- satisfying those who are looking for a striking yet conservative watch. The bracelet is made of brushed steel case that shines beautifully, complimenting the bold yellow dial. Needless say, this beautiful design makes it almost impossible not to fall in love with this watch at first sight.

Nonetheless, of course this watch does not only rely on its look. It also possesses efficiency and precision of a high standard. As aforementioned, watches in this chronotimer category are made more précised with its chronograph features that time to the closest second. This is an advantage for those who are involved in competitive sports where even one second makes a big different. This wrist watch is also equipped with time, date, alarm function and second time zone which prove its ability to multitask informing you the date, day and time all at the same time. 

This watch is also durable making it a perfect wear for sport activities. When you are involved in a sport, you can eliminate your worries of damaging this exquisite piece due to its withstanding materials. This watch is made all the more ‘tough’ for its demands to be in use for water sports activities. The silver materials are stainless steel making it insusceptible to rusting even when in contact with water. The sapphire crystal on the other hand is scratch resistant, adding on to its sense of durability. Best of all, this watch is able to resist water to a depth of up to 300 metre! If you are required to be underwater, it will be a pleasure to know that even there and then you can use you watches with its luminescent hands and markers that make it visible even in water.

Armed with a manufacturer box and manual it is also ideal to give this as a gift to your sport male friends. Striking, durable and practical like all the other Aquaracer watches from Tag Heuere, purchasing this watch is certainly a value for money. 

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