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Are you looking for a new watch that adds on to your sporty look yet touches on your elegant side as well? If you, then this Aquaracer Chronograph Day Date Men Watch (model CAF2012.FT8011) may be the one just right for you. Needless say, edition of watches from the reputable brand Tag Heuer hardly fails to live up to its customers’ expectations. However, automatic chronograph watches stand out for its automatic features, specifically is self winding automatic movement.

The outlook that this wrist watch has is certainly astounding with its mixture of elegant blue and austere colours of black and silver. The dial window of this watch is made of synthetic sapphire that serves to accentuate the boldness disposition of this watch. This dial window is also equipped with luminescent hands and markers to dole out the elegance of this watch amidst its boldness. Accentuating the resolute outlook of strong sapphire blue on the watch’s face is its brushed polished steel case at the rim of this window dial. This silver rim shines and provides a refine presentation of this watch. To tone down this shine and re-emphasize the gallant display of this watch, the strap is made up of black rubber and securely locked by a tang buckle. The dark colour and rubbery material, gives a sporty edge to this wristwatch amidst its elegant and boldness. With this elegance, you can don this watch on any functions. This wrist watch is thus not merely a tool to tell time but also an accessory that complement your rugged and sporty persona.

As users, I am certain that the look is not the only feature you users look out for when purchasing this wrist watch. As suggested by the watch’s sporty disposition, I am definite that you are looking out for durability when wearing this watch. With this model’s durable features and materials, you can now use this watch comfortably for everyday wear as well as for your rigorous activities. The case material for one, is made of stainless-steel ensuring insusceptibility to rusting even when in frequent contact to catalysers of rust (air for instance). The band which is made up of rubber also provides both flexibility and durability. For those who are active in water-based sports or jobs, you should have no worries wearing this wrist watch to your activities. This is because the watch is water resistant and can withstand water up to a depth of 300 metres! Even though I am aware that not many will risk using this watch when going to water-related activities, this is certainly a comforting thought to those who are frequently in contact with water. In addition, its sapphire crystal that is exposed is scratch-resistant. This is another less worry for those who are active and involved in rigorous activities.

Other plus points of this timely piece include its ‘Day, Date & Calendar’ feature that is shown on the ‘face’ of this watch. Upon purchase, you are also gifted with a manufacturer box and manual to enable you to store your watch safely when not in use. This box and manual are also useful especially if you are considering giving this as a gift to your loved ones. To top it all, your watch is insured with a three year warranty allowing you to re-service whenever needed. Beautiful and durable and practical, I strongly encourage you to purchase this timely piece.

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